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This is a very short fic and I didn’t want to use it as my Tuesday update, so here you go. And since ff.net is being useless at the moment, the link goes to the wonderful Archive of Our Own.

The clothes make the man, but Jane Rizzoli makes the button-down shirt.

17th April 2014 23:24
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NCIS news articles make me happy when they mention Sasha. Even if only one sentence.

17th April 2014 21:24
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lablesareforcans replied to your post: lablesareforcans replied to your post…

oh yes, good thing i follo JNash on my tweeter then ;D will be looking forward for that shot NOT, MEET HER IN A CIVIL NORMAL SITUATION…UNIVERSE, HEAR MY CAPSLOCKS



I’ll be keeping an eye on the shooting locations again when I’m in L.A., but my one person who said she might be able to help, can’t anymore, so… Hope that was gained last year is lost again ;)

17th April 2014 21:07
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of course ‘WHEN’! what did i always say? thing positive so positive stuff happens :P or something like that!!!! yes, keep your hopes up! even if it takes you chaining yourself to paramount’s gates and protesting to see Sasha!! whatever it takes!!!!!!

I’ll try, but it’s difficult after 3 years of disappointments ;). But yes, positive thoughts! Can doooooooo that. And oh, the Paramount gates thing will be a last resort ;). If that happens, you’ll probably find a picture of it on JNash’s Twitter.

17th April 2014 21:05
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*i apologize for the bad quality. had those in hq but i have no idea where i saved them. hope you will like them tho. need to find the complete set.

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yay you did win favourite Sasha blog and that was well deserved...i mean, the stuff you go through to complete that list of yours is not easy so i am glad fandom saw that and CONGRATS :) you can show this to Sasha when you meet her ;)

You is kind. 

Also.. When I meet Sasha? 


*laughs louder*

*laughs turn to sobs*

*outright cries*

I’m never gonna meet her *sniff*

Mission to meet Sasha is live in *10* days!

17th April 2014 20:13
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"Handsome new boss sets her heart pounding"---really? And yes, the solo picture of Frankie makes no sense, but honestly the show doesn't make sense so why should blurbs on the DVD box.

Trueeeeeeeeeeeeeee dat! I just hope there ARE bloopers

17th April 2014 19:42
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Holy new followers

Hello, hello, hello. Welcome and help yourself to gifs and stuff.

17th April 2014 17:09
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guys guys guys

I mean


ladies ladies ladies.

You have no idea what all those mean to me <3.

Thank you soooooo much <3<3<3<3

17th April 2014 17:09
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