If you’re ever mad that someone reposted your gif just remember that Christopher Columbus basically reposted an entire continent

I’ve had this little text screen open for minutes and minutes now. Trying to find the words. But I’m just not getting less mad.

30th August 2014 9:55
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Angie & Jan on the lot today


29th August 2014 23:14
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Enver Gjokaj has booked a full-time gig on Agent Carter! I love Enver, so this makes me very happy. Also… I hope it means no more him on Rizzoli and Isles. Not that he’s be ever present there, but still.

TV Guide confirms

29th August 2014 18:50
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29th August 2014 14:11
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Also, let’s not forget that Jane’s on duty from 8am (4x06) and she was still at Maura’s at 8.30am in 5x07.

29th August 2014 14:04
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The one thing I’m going to remember from this sneak is that even though Maura didn’t know they had a case (not going into the whole fucking fiasco of her ignoring her phone when that beard is around), it was no surprise to her that Jane walked into the door unannounced and apparently without reason. Do that a lot, hm Jane?

29th August 2014 14:02
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Where can I find that video?

Sneak Peak for 5x12 can be found here.

I just watched it a second time, and I like it even less, lol. 

29th August 2014 13:15
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Maura can’t find his pants either yuk Jack gives me the creeps

I don’t want to think about Jack or his pants.

29th August 2014 11:06
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