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“You know my favorite Pacey memory? When I was in fifth grade, there was this bully named Max Brody. And he was the meanest kid you’d ever want to meet.

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arcadiaarden replied to your post: Well, since you asked…. (but not real…

Sad sniffles but I’d rather know you’re enjoying your talent instead of it bringing you angst.

*hugs* thank you :). It’s not forever, I hope.

19th September 2014 17:34
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sideadde replied to your post: Well, since you asked…. (but not real…

I want to punch them….but a happier you is much more important than gifs. ♥

Oh, Sid. <3<3

There’ll be some baby!Sasha for you. Even more baby than Gretchen. Wasteland, yay! Her character dated Adam Scott’s character. Fun times.

19th September 2014 16:43
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Well, since you asked…. (but not really)

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Watching an episode of Bones and just getting more annoyed by the minute, lol.

A supposed Dutch woman is talking to Booth and none of it is correct. Dutch words that don’t exist, her accent is from outer space and even the name is ‘wtf’ worthy.

Must. Learn. To. Watch. TV. Without. Getting. Annoyed. By. All. The. Things. Wrong.

19th September 2014 15:05
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Kate in 2x17 "An Eye for an Eye"

17th September 2014 23:24
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Anyone else a little disappointed about the way they ended the Pelant storyline on Bones?

I mean, I was going to rave about how they handled serial killer storylines spanning several seasons but then I just finished the episode where they ended him.

Little anti-climactic?

17th September 2014 18:34
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That smile..

16th September 2014 20:00
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re filming at St Luke Medical Center: it's an assisted living facility now Perhaps Maura is visiting Grandfather Doyle?

Thought of that, too. But they can easily make it look like a medical place. Easier to rent an assisted living facility and change the interior than rent an actual hospital.

Also, if that were true, it meant we would have a Maura-related storyline, and that’s just not happening ;).

That, and Grandpapa Doyle goes from dead to alive, so I’m sure they think he’s dead again.